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 The charm of high heels

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PostSubject: The charm of high heels    Fri Feb 25, 2011 4:56 am

First, high heels are a symbol of nobility.
1, wearing high heels need to have the material basis of nobility. Can not wear high heels is doomed to go fast, which requires the wearer comfortable and carefree life, will never need to walk a hurry for some reason, you can have enough time to slowly nudge gusto. This is for those who are busy working or busy with needs of bagsyard.com is obviously very high requirements, if the pursuit of beauty these women forced to wear very thin very high heels eventually suffer only their high heels feet.

Therefore, high heels need to do to ensure that the material life of plenty, plenty of time for such pursuits. It also requires her to walk to and the environment is comfortable and luxurious environment, namely the need to maintain a flat road, the road louboutinpumpssale.com not the clutter of small gravel, even if only a few scattered, uneven pavements can not. This road is very rare, and long life of a person's environment on the ground the shuttle all of this is the road to it have to be the aristocracy.
Many women complain about high heels against the high-heeled shoes, their main reason is: high heels, the performance of a child enough, the foot will wear high onlinesuprashoessale.com Very uncomfortable, even painful, and prone to wrestling. This is actually wearing high heels; they do not have the necessary result of the material basis. Imagine High heels only in a very flat ground and slowly nudge, leg pain, how will it get? Therefore, wearing high heels is a sign of nobility, and therefore even women wear high tory burch a bit aristocratic also increased sharply with the elegant, aristocratic temperament that can often give people a fresh sense of vulgarity.
2, high heels aristocratic temperament required as a necessary condition. Three years to produce an upstart, but noble birth Queue not take generations. Taste, style, temperament is sunglassesmaker.com need to influence the external environment by culture, rather than simply born with the. Only because the generation of rich aristocracy would develop it slow, if steady Tarzan character, because it seems nothing in this world can affect the comfort and ease their lives, they never easy to get To want to be high heels and from that they do not want. So they will be elegant and noble temperament and pursuits, there will never be anxious side, starting from their ancestors have been so, and their ancestors from birth tory burch shoes the will not be too hasty temper and fire the character. So they can have enough patience to slowly nudge, long-term life of ease and comfortable habit also makes them naturally it slow. As the upstart or
after two generations, will inevitably be difficult from the true nature of the petty bourgeoisie, with their grandparents grew up in the influence of low-grade and teaching style, their tory burch flats with the previous generation of the very best in the world of anger and in mind, so Xing Fu were mostly dry air, even if there is sufficient material basis for sufficient time so that they can nudge slowly, they will be impatient to walk slowly unbearable fire.
3. Heeled shoes with a sense of power, is the symbol of power.
The power characteristics of high-heeled shoes have four levels: First of all, wear high heels can be greatly improved people's perspective, or at least has a sense of a tory burch reva of the power to shock. Second, high-heeled shoes with a dream-like Understatement shocking. High heels, very small, often have a great destructive power and lethality. Heel high heels too small because usually easy to break, it is also the resulting texture of the metal thin metal with. The shining metal thin with hard texture and some have even small little finger than half of the fine even more, and tory burch handbags of the last paragraph of the metal thin heel, especially with the more detailed and even can be called a sharp.

A woman of Weight is usually 100 pounds or so, so fine and sharp increases in the hard metal and very thin to keep up, it is extremely great pressure, so that the metal has a tremendous destructive power of high heels and lethality. A pair of heels really sharp enough to be called the last paragraph of thin heels high heels women wear in the feet, even in a very hard step on the floor do not need high-quality tory burch sandals and more vigorously also leave some traces, and is usually see the white point of the form, let alone on foot in the other items? That woman high heel so they have a lot of destructive power and lethality, and she's fine with the power of the metal is amazing.
The most wonderful place in which this is the power of the power is not powerful, but the casual style of the power of a woman wearing high heels all under the silvertiffanycojewelry.com can cause great damage and destruction, and they have only done light move a slow. Understatement, however, has a great power which is a poetic dream-like state, this mood in Goo Long's works are pen is a clip with two fingers lightly Lu Xiao Fang, Chu Liu Xiang elegant light attack and switch grass to a broken one where the Jean Wang Shay, which gave the force had given the vulgar And sensual, relaxed and happy readers fascinated the reader into the heart of relaxation dreamy mood of a poem. Privilege as a coach outlet high heels, no matter how tough a man is not such a casual style with great charm. Powerful men dream compared to the power of this poem in terms of look and the mood is so rude and small.
High heels because of the power generated this way, a sense of awe, so that men could not help but admire. Where is the power of the power of the United States has a powerful military force on the world stage will have the power to dictate; Tigers because of their powerful beast with the power sector, the street punks to their cruel timberlandbootsshow.com courage play became respectable figures in the with the power of the underworld, which made the power comes from a powerful, and Not fine with women that can be casually destroyed the metal under the heel of the dream of all mood compared to women would with high-heeled shoes because of the power of the man with the power of rule! Again, a similar general shape of high heels heel cylinder or cone, and cylinder or cone from the shape gucci outlet to the male genitalia, the male genitalia which have symbolic significance and even the men. Therefore, their high heels, men with male genitalia or to trample on symbolic meaning.
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The charm of high heels
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