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 Glasses, do not fall into errors

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PostSubject: Glasses, do not fall into errors    Fri Feb 25, 2011 4:54 am

As the market diversified, glasses not only for vision correction, eye protection, and also play the function of fashion, many consumers lack of professional guidance glasses, complete feel bagsyard.com consumption, some ignore the functional glasses, Some just to make do with. Do not re-frame light lenses
matching a pair of glasses; many consumers tend to spend big money to the neglect of frame lens on the meaning.
One industry source told reporters that many people choose glasses frames input is 70% louboutinpumpssale.com only 30%. Often willing to spend several hundred dollars on the frame or even a thousand dollars, but when you see a lens from 500 to 600 Yuan, it shouted, "too expensive." According to reports, select a high-quality lenses to improve vision, reduce fatigue, eye protection is critical, and poor quality of the lenses not only achieve good correction effect, wear too long, can also cause discomfort reaction, so selected according to the spending power of consumers, the better lenses. Also recommended that consumers within 300 degrees can choose to wear, the low refractive index of the lens, to choose onlinesuprashoessale.com 300 to 600 degrees in the high refractive index lens and the best selection of 600 degrees or ultra-thin high refractive index lens. Glasses will be "extended service"
Many consumers have a pair of glasses to wear to it, "end" experience. Experts believe that this phenomenon is widespread but not scientific. A recent 2,000 glasses of domestic consumer survey showed that 29.2% of respondents every toryburchcenter.com years or more to replace a pair of glasses, 36.4% of the respondents in the case of glasses worn to replace. Does not use glasses, does not protect the eyes of many people has become a "common problem." In this regard, experts suggest that consumers in the use of resin film are best replaced every two or three years. Resin film mirror prone to scratches, if the effect on the performance of optical correction, glasses not only can not improve vision, but can cause visual fatigue. Therefore, consumers should make an Oakley sunglasses protect the lens, preferably every 3 months or six months, check for visual acuity after correction, if the lens "extended service" the best to date. Myopia also UV
Many people think that wearing a pair of myopia can be, and whether the UV is not too important. Medical experts, in fact, strong sunlight on the eye damage is very large, but not tory burch shoes easy to find, long-term exposure to UV light, not only will lead to light-induced dermatitis, retinal degeneration, iris go far diseases, their cumulative effect will trigger cataract. Many people tend to ignore the function of UV protection glasses, either because the lens prices, while others held an indifferent attitude. But in fact, whether myopic or normal should eye protection, long-term use of computers, monitors have UV damage to eyes; walk in the street, sunlight ever-irritating to the eyes, especially in winter, cloudy, This time the most tory burch flats to overlook, but should be stronger than usual at this time of UV. Therefore, it is recommended that consumers within the economic capacity to allow the best to wear UV protection lenses.
It is understood that, in addition to the above errors glasses, many elderly people spend tory burch reva than ten dollars to buy another pair reading glasses to make do with, but when adults do not re-assigned optometry new glasses, frames and deformed adjustment in time will not, directly or indirectly affect vision of consumers, consumers not only tory burch handbags professional glasses places, but also pay attention to the maintenance and protection of the understanding of the relevant knowledge.

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Glasses, do not fall into errors
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