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 Identification of shoes

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PostSubject: Identification of shoes    Fri Feb 25, 2011 4:51 am

First, look at models: Daphne counter fake simply do not, you can look to the counters, by the way try shoe size, do both. Of course, all over the tory burch handbags Style is not always complete this method only.
Second, look at shoes: The shoes have a genuine Daphne "Daphne" in the words, just as the same engraved, it is a sole forming die (you know the cost of a pair of mold in bagsyard.com few thousand dollars), Daphne fake trademarks are the sole with some non-processed.
Third, look Material: Daphne, many models are inlaid stones, and Daphne is said that big diamond women's boots like a small drill, a large diamond cost in seven or eight dollars, and are imported , non-domestic market can be bought everywhere, these diamonds can not be fake shoes, fake flowers is not so much the louboutinpumpssale.com of counterfeiting. Daphne is outside the processing plant has a lot of the (usually some manual, like the beaded pieces, the upper class car) so hard to avoid the loss of many upper home, Daphne is a kind of boots the most obvious end to with a variety of uppers, are some of PU, shoe style simple like that.
Apollo and Daphne
Zeus has a son and his son, a daughter named "Apollo" "He is a handsome boy, he specialized in charge of the Titanic is the sun," Sun God ", his daughter is in charge of the Moon" "Moon Goddess" "
One day, Apollo received the instructions of his father to shoot a monster ~ On the way back to see a child playing with a bow, he walked in front of children, said: "You kids can not play bow" and bring shot get the monster to him ~ `~ to say a lot of contempt, then the baby is the love that is in charge of Iraq branded grams, some people call him Cupid. onlinesuprashoessale.com So very angry and said: Do you believe I will use my arrow in you...
Apollo certainly do not believe that the sky Daphne boots Cupid's arrow shot of the two special, the first arrow will make people deeply in love, the second arrow of the opposite sex are not fond of people. Apollo in the first shot, the second shot in a river god's daughter, a beautiful girl toryburchcenter.com the spirit world she is the first big beauty.
Apollo saw Daphne deeply in love with her, his love for her as the same can not control the disease. Danni Fu go hand in hand to follow him, but that respect for the tory burch reva goddess girl, want to follow her into an eternal virgin, and therefore men are excluded, simply ignore the pursuit of Apollo. Apollo can not give up the day Apollo saw Daphne in the woods, went over to her to tell the truth, but because the role of Cupid's arrow, she kept the escape him, the more run more panic Daphne sunglassesmaker.com this time intestines Apollo is bent not let her leave, when he is about to catch up, and finally she stopped Daphne women's boots, because he was stopped by a river, and Daphne in front of him save the river shouting: "Daddy, would you please open my big mouth to swallow it."
River God has always loved this beautiful daughter, so cast her into a river god laurel. Apollo saw Daphne into a laurel tree, was extremely remorseful, he light a laurel to apologize to her, and tory burch shoes she can not implicitly become his wife, but his love for her will never change. Apollo to said he is not devoid of the love of fairies, the laurel as his favorite species, with her flowers decorate his bow and let her tory burch flats forever, do not worry about aging. Pick it up next month Geisha woven crown, given all the successful people, this is the "crown" of the origin.

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Identification of shoes
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