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 LV opened in China and other luxury brand marketing behind "marketing strategy"

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PostSubject: LV opened in China and other luxury brand marketing behind "marketing strategy"    Fri Feb 25, 2011 4:50 am

In recent years, luxury brands overseas, the market operation in China, more and more success stories, and earn in China pours. Successful use of a variety of luxury brand sunglasses maker
Relations, all kinds of unique performance in the market, so Chinese consumers can not bagsyard.com but open the purse, impulse spending. These overseas Chinese luxury brand marketing public relations behind what is in the end, we need to reveal one by one.

In Paris or Hong Kong's Louis Vinton store, if not national holidays, and often a long line. After half an hour or longer waiting to enter the shop later, as an ordinary customer, you must be self-reliant style shopping: no warm greeting and smile, the role of staff is to check the main price. However, when you finally decide for louboutin pumps sale to pay, the clerk may only coolly tells you "out" or "you can only buy one." This was criticized as "not the customer when the customer" approach and did not stop the rush of people.

LV store in China, it is super fire, took LV store in Shanghai, opened only a year, its sales performance, it shot the first store of the brand worldwide. So, although LV Hong onlinesuprashoessale.com been the most important market in Asia, LV stores in mainland China has reached 12 in 2004, is to open four branches connected in one breath.

From a psychological point of view, so customers wait and suffer both the time of purchase but not so strong a sense of being scared away the pain, when it has a will produce the most intense pleasure and memory. Which convey to the customer's "exclusive flu", is a luxury the needs of target customers one of the tory burch important, is the main value of the brand. In addition, LV and advanced materials in creating the impression the luxury goods marketing job very well, inside and outside shop decoration, visual impact and product sense of honor, are in line with expectations and echoed with the brand value.

LVMH Group's earnings in 2004 exceeded one billion Euros mark for the first time, LV attributed to the handwork accounted for 2 / 3, and 12.6 billion Euros in the year the sunglassesmaker.com sales accounted for about 1 / 4. Big brands have become the major brand, full of pains in the back of their "little tricks."
Bags for women second in importance only men, women bag when necessary household items, less MM do what she felt like anything less. So we have to pick a MM my bag tory burch shoes in front of me to tell you the knowledge about the selection of here today, I do not talk about it. Today, tell us something about what the summer MM bags are back looking even more dazzling.
The classic skull and crossbones charm wild black shoulder bag Korean beauty package, using natural matte leather, not only the choice of materials, cutting, are demanding more, while the back is also a high grade PU material, this bag is the Of tory burch flats reflected in head, the most unique aspect is the bag neatly listed on the skull, wild but yet elegant atmosphere, in this season, with it, I believe you will be the life of the most dazzling POINT.
Every girl's "Lolita," we should revisit memorable era, the girl has been struck Hong, how was pretending not to show off it? The layers of the small bag will be your choice of a unique, free to adjust the strap hanging flower girls more freedom of tory burch reva does not feel bound to regulate the growth can be diagonal the body, can be adjusted into a short span in the shoulder with , small bags, the capacity is large, structured, very beautiful and practical, have it this quarter, you can become the most tender and beautiful little princess!
Durable and attractive canvas fabric, the ultimate fashion bags with cartoons ugly baby, jump up Whole bag, either with jeans or with a long T are very stylish fashion. Happened in more than 11 o'clock, the man about three friends playing mahjong, the tory burch handbags is my election, after marrying the LV wallet brown coffee table by the window's upper edge. “
"Impression that more than 12 noon when the waitress has been moving through my wallet. I remember one way or another wallet zipper was originally, when I her in tea, like putting my wallet in my hand, I looked She took one look, she should also pay tory burch sandals to me, that I saw her after she left her purse on the table and walked away. I'll see a wallet and found that zipper was opened, but what is no less. "Around 15:10 or so, she came out of health, because she move over purse at noon, I been paying attention to her. Her first take out the trash when my was still there, a few minutes later she came in again with the rubbish out, then I found wallet was gone. "Ye immediately asked the waitress to go out with friends chase," but she is unwilling to admit, I called the police. “
Police found the first floor platform of his arm and lost the LV wallet. Waitresses and leaves in front of the face, the police opened the purse, there 3,900 Yuan, 1,300 dollar, euro 2,000 Yuan, said Ye bought wallet spent 6,000 Yuan, the total silvertiffanycojewelry.com of such a calculation involving about 3 million.
The waitress looked handsome, sees the police pull out wallet, does not ring, and was brought back Tzu station.
Cried the girl admitted: "I do not know that the wallet is so expensive, and did not know there is a lot of money ... ... I've picked up the money will be to the guest ... ... This is coach outlet online feeling ill, not very serious disease, I just want to get some money from his wallet to see a doctor, thought to take away all the money, I think the boss like him, lost a purse should not matter ... ... I take out the trash as an excuse to wallets in the garbage bag stolen out to see them chasing out, I put a purse thrown out the window ... ... until you open the wallet to I know there are so much money ... ... "
Police said the this girl is a "honest head," no criminal record, "she really is sick, non-infectious timberlandbootsshow.com diseases."
Police have the woman refused to leave.
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LV opened in China and other luxury brand marketing behind "marketing strategy"
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