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 Bracelet with what materials can improve the qualities

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PostSubject: Bracelet with what materials can improve the qualities    Fri Feb 25, 2011 4:48 am

Alone can not improve the temperament of a bracelet; temperament is a personal and qualities. Bracelet There is gucci outlet different bracelets, with a different dress, with a good to show your different tastes.
1 with a wrist bracelet with the
Wrist is the more detailed parts of body will act as the hand, can easily lead to other people's attention, and attention, while others affect your impression, therefore, with the Bracelet style to be apparent thickness and degree of bone and the timely performance of self-style.
Slender wrist, bone is not obvious: the perfect wrist strap for any of the basic chain, chain style chain or theme. Slender wrist, bones obvious: The two basic chains for wear, so that the wrist is more mellow. Rich wrist, bone is not obvious: the shape of style or timberlandbootsshow.com slightly wider chain, bright and generous.
Rich wrist bones obvious: the shape of individual chains or theme chain, please go to the attention away from the wrist bracelet.

2 matching bracelet and arm
Slender arm round good quality people who wear jade bracelets to increase its charm. Arms slender thinner people wear bracelets smaller portfolio (which can be worn two) there are online-coachoutlet.com effect. Arm should not be too full of people wearing bracelets.
3 Tips to wear bracelets

when wearing a bracelet on the bracelet is not strictly limited the number, you can wear one, you can wear two, three or even more. If you only wear one, and should not be worn on the left hand is in the right hand; if you wear two, you can wear of silvertiffanycojewelry.com right-hand man, or are worn on the left hand; If you wear three, it should have worn on the left hand, not wearing a hand, and the other wearing two. Very popular now more than three bracelets to wear, resulting in a strong sense of imbalance, with a bohemian style of dress, emitting a strong ethnic flavor, become fashionable woman's choice.
If you wear a bracelet and wear the ring, you should consider both in style, texture, color coordination and unity. Those on the first wearing bracelets, ID bracelets should pay attention to selecting the size, too small wrist is close to the skin caused due to tory burch sandals and even affect the blood circulation; too easy for big swings in the hand and broke off the course. For the jade bracelet, try Daishi Yi soft mat beneath the wrist (egg, cushion and the like), so as not to fall to the ground and break if dropped.

4 Select the size of the mouth of jade bracelet ring

When the election, jade bracelets, jade bracelets to be able to wear into the four long fingers (except the thumb) and to the "tiger's mouth" at, I feel a little tight some, and tory burch handbags the bracelet, measure the diameter, for example, is just 55 mm, then, this size is suitable for your lap soon. Some people like to wear was a little bit loose, the choice to select the circle big mouth 1 to 2 mm, so that we can more easily put off by. There are also some people are used to wearing a smaller bracelet, or wear is not going to take down, so, in turn, can reduce the size of 1 to 2 mm. Generally selected, should first try on it. Try them, you can put some tory burch reva or soapy water in hand, and asked people to help with a point force the bracelets can be worn into the wrist.

5 bracelets, fashion jewelry bracelets

Wood bracelet (features: cool, funky)
Simple material, coated with a thin layer of light oils, people clearly see the texture of the wood, bringing cool, rustic feel. "Flip" wood jewelry (features: bright, brilliant) Summer, the girl's wrist will often shine gloss, pearl, tortoise shell, glass and all tory burch flats Gems, jade can play a very "flip" effect.
With a guide: These materials are very bright, so we should highlight a bright spot with respect. If the clothes, the complex, then with a simple bangle bracelet, and vice versa.
Silver jewelry (Features: Eclectic)
Silver bracelet, bracelet is never popular, but the focus of gas has long been loved. Dazzling luster, malleability of silver has been designer's preference; silver brings cool Tactile feel tory burch shoes comfortable, eclectic design will bring about unexpected results.

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Bracelet with what materials can improve the qualities
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