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 The History of shoes

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PostSubject: The History of shoes    Fri Feb 25, 2011 4:45 am

Shoes history, has been quite long.
According to research, handmade shoes in China have been three thousand years of history.
Handmade shoes first unearthed in Shanxi Houma kneeling as worn by the West Zhou bags yard handmade soles.
Ancient name shoes for the Ta (sound sprinkling) or performance. Yangzhou about 5000 years ago during the emergence of the most primitive animal skins sewn shoes. 3000 years ago, "Book of Changes" has assumed the word. "Book of Songs" on the "correct disputes sandals to sandals cream" in the "sandals" is a relatively simple use of hemp, GE woven shoes.
Each shoe has its own history. Xian paper is the louboutinpumpssale.com
States Period, Sun Bin invention. Sun Bin was a noted cover pet Juan crushing bone, you can not walk, to cut the leather with a hard "bottom" and "help" and then sewn into high leather Xian. Sun Bin Xian on ride wearing the leather combat command defeated Pang Juan.
The benefits of wearing shoes
as the saying goes: "Tuition people live longer, stronger person handling the foot." Health, health, longevity is a concern of humanity today. Foot care illnesses and longevity of the effect can play, and foot care, the key is warm, onlinesuprashoessale.com Absorption, ventilation, use of cotton or silk cloth manufactured, to keep dry to prevent bacterial survival and reduce foot disease produced to illnesses and longevity purposes.

Culture and market shoes
Cloth shoes, Chinese clothing has always been an important part of culture, and it has an elegant name of "adequate clothing." Shoes have had a glorious history and immortal exploits, it is essential for all the necessities, from the temple officials, men of letters, down to the fruit seller, not wear. Sexual gratification, shoes tory burch tokens, the husband on the battlefield, is Acacia tears shoes, children shoes is a motherly love traveling thousands of miles. Five thousand years, shoes have been integrated into our national soul and blood deep ethnic groups have been carrying five thousand years through the wind and rain away.
With the tide of nostalgia, shoes have been an irresistible trend, through five thousand years of time and space, back to our side.
Do you smell, and the trend behind the surging business, you see a wave of wealth is waiting for the turbulent undercurrent eruption? The face of an inclusive cultural and sunglassesmaker.com roots of nostalgia retro fashion elements of the national popular selling more products, do you have a conquered and inspired by his investment aspirations.
Shoes five thousand years of Chinese history and culture is the accumulation, and the tory burch shoes of people's hearts and lead the people to return to simple, melodious and nature, comfort and health because of its inherent popularity of fashion and become a modern city life at all levels, and It was overwhelmed by companions, gazing at each other, its popularity is the inevitable fashion, which confirms the prevalence of thoughts of tory burch flats
With the continuous development of Chinese economy, growing close to the Olympic Games and Shanghai World Expo and Guangzhou Asian Games held in China will become tory burch reva focus of the world, Chinese culture will become the mainstream of world culture, the color of the shoes with China and China will be sweeping the country to the world.

Design Direction
National and fashion blend of traditional and modern exchange, the pursuit of originality, individuality, freedom, comfort. Materials from natural cotton, hemp, wool, leather tory burch handbags to traditional technology and modern industrial technology combines

For people
Ages 20-50 years old, has some cultural awareness, the pursuit of natural, personality, elegance, harmony, the unique qualities of the modern urban women. Technology Introduction , The end of the traditional handmade shoes of its features: green, leisure, tory burch sandals care, breathable, lightweight, comfortable, except sweat, deodorant, cotton base material, handmade shoes made with twine, a collection. For leisure, tourism, interior and driving any occasion wear.

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The History of shoes
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