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 A pair of tracks for a new Customs History Jim Pixie

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PostSubject: A pair of tracks for a new Customs History Jim Pixie    Fri Feb 25, 2011 4:43 am

Compiled before the language
October 24, 1949, Shantou City, and Military Control Commission took over the influx of Customs, the successful completion of the transformation of the customs of tide; February 15, 1950, the tide changed its name to Shantou Customs, on behalf of the customs territory of the State to exercise supervision and administration out bags yard power. After the reforms, Shantou Customs Enforcement "to promote the main" policy, reform, innovation and business management, play a regulatory, taxation, smuggling, statistics and other business functions, to promote the eastern area and the Sir’s economy to flourish. In the new 60th anniversary, we back at history, looking for the customs in the "footprint" in the pace of development witnessed customs.
Shantou Customs History Museum's exhibits, a pair of customs in 1961, the factory standard shoes were particularly noticeable, apart from minor wear and tear, it is preserved louboutinpumpssale.com good as new. With curiosity, this reporter made a special trip to find its "footprint."
"This pair of shoes to accompany my 48 years, these 48 years, can not remember how many times family moved, the original home of the old things have lost almost all of it, except that the pair of shoes, I always close at hand, could not bear ! "The old man spoke, eyes suffused with tears of excitement. This is the master of old leather shoes - the last century, 40 to 60 had worked in the early customs of supra shoes old Shantou Customs officer blue the Xing. As the old gentleman about the blue, in 66 years ago that war-torn era, a little-known history of getting in return ... ...
He came from Shantou Mexican
Xing Land it’s a Hakka Mei County in 1943 from the Provincial High School after graduating with honors was admitted to the Customs at the time of the Fujian Mexican Branch. That's hurried retreat, customs facilities often suffer from the Japanese planes bombing and destruction, some agencies have just set up soon after the toryburchcenter.com and was forced to withdraw because of the blue the Xing reasons and because of the war has been deployed to the jurisdiction of Fujian off Mexican Branch Tom pit and stay under the dry moat docile card work.
August 1944, the Japanese invaded from the north of Guangzhou, Fujian forced to move off the total off eastern Mexican, because of the war at that time the situation has in and the oakley sunglasses and eastern inland areas along the southeast coast of the size of the establishment of over 30 branches place of origin, with a staff of about 200.
Blue recalls the old man was Fujian on internal organization, personnel management, and business regulations, etc. Secretary General of control by foreign customs tory burch shoes authority, the Tax Division is responsible directly to the Secretary General of the various services according to instructions for the latter. All the relevant
Of the internal Fujian use foreign languages, even Chinese people are no exception.
September 25, 1945 during the Japanese occupation of the pseudo-wave Customs Tax Division Customs agents were Fujian Huang Ian was ordered to receive. After the tide inside the Customs General Administration Section, and of tory burch flats classes, accounting classes, tax accounting class, anti-smuggling course, the Office of Management and inspection boat factory, was established at the relevant police force. Fujian soup off the end of December of the original pit, stay dry moat in the pseudo-half surge Cain Customs have lost after being taken over the value and closed. The remaining sub-card and Mexican Beijing Guiyang support card to the second year of February 8 and Fujian shut off while the total abolition. Blue is also the same year the old man for institutional tory burch reva Fujian dry moat score card from the left came to Shantou, officially entered the tide customs office. Since then, he and this beautiful coastal city of Shantou forged a bond.
Compatriots to be three or four days entry baggage inspection
In 1946, just completed 6 years bloody marauding Japanese Shantou devastation everywhere rubble left by the war. Material scarcity tory burch handbags living renamed Shantou Customs. "The early days of New China, undone, everyone is looking forward to a bright future; energetic, political awareness is particularly high, are the best state of mind into the work and study to." Xing Land their recall, in the liberation, Shantou to Hong Kong's opening of two scheduled flights were "Shantou - Hong Kong" and "tory burch sandals - Singapore - Penang" mixed passenger and cargo flights, the "Hoi Wong wheel" and "sea rear" implementation, probably every 20 days of a voyage.

Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore and other countries respond to the motherland's call to return a large number of compatriots live, to participate in the construction of new China, therefore, almost every flight is full. At that time, overseas compatriots tiffany jewelry carrying a lot of baggage immigration, mainly old clothes, flint, flour, lard, sugar, biscuits, medicine and other everyday life things. Therefore, the implemented the luggage of passengers entering the country, "examines the fine experience for all screening" policy, to carry goods for import and export some of profiteers in "water off", to "preferential treatment overseas, to take care of passengers against the 'water off ', "the regulatory measures, baggage of passengers for each voyage completed all the clearance often takes 3 to 4 days time. To speed up clearance and reduce passenger waiting and residence time, whenever there passenger entry, Customs online-coachoutlet.com of other departments have to be temporarily added to the first-line support for the immigration inspection until the inspection is completed before tourists return to their jobs. Although tired, but we have no regrets and enthusiasm.
The current market there are a lot of shoes, in order to reduce costs, usually with some leather and some leather pieces together to do, or coated with a layer (in the second layer of skin on the mask with a layer of PU to do so permeability of the one he sent a lot) to replace the leather, if not should not matter in the part. If the shoes are completely true, because the leather's natural, in the main part of the point of no good use to do disabled in some minor parts (such as the timberland boots and other parts without power), will use some of the almost disability to do a little more, this is quite normal, but also identification of leather and imitation products, a good way, after all, you can not view other people's shoes have suede cut to identify it! To the current market price, in general, most of the shoe store inside the city, in more than 150 Yuan can buy leather shoes, while below this price, but not in a regular shoe there, we must be careful, especially those that open small traders selling cheap goods, if you are not a professional (even the professionals have to be careful, do not they are cheap, and that 9 to 9 is a lie.
Formal shoes in general, are affixed with genuine logo, scratch coating, making phone calls, and distinguish the authenticity of, 200 Yuan can buy a pair of leather shoes shaving (i.e., grinding off the surface, and after re-finishing of leather, poor ventilation), 150 Yuan to 300 Yuan can buy a pair of shoes full grain, 300 Yuan can buy a pair of relatively high-end general and so do the shoes newguccioutlet.com calf, of , if you want a little high , you can buy a pair of imported shoes, the shoes that are made of genuine leather in the end, the absorbent breathable and durable, but I'm afraid not thousands of pieces.
Edit this paragraph at the bottom of shoes outside the pieces of the design features

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A pair of tracks for a new Customs History Jim Pixie
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