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 Notes on shoes

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PostSubject: Notes on shoes   Fri Feb 25, 2011 4:40 am

More emphasis on the person with the dress, the more diligent maintenance of shoes. The person wearing the lesson light, style and beautiful shoes, the shoes are also a designer handbags Courtesy. The satisfaction of finally buy their own shoes, should be put Good maintenance to prolong its life. When trying to learn maintenance of shoes, you can find in fact Bing without spending too much time and fun. * Shoes laces should be asked to release the re-use shoe horn: Weekdays careful with the use, maintenance is the first step in the shoes. Starting from the heel shoes and more damage. Therefore, we can shoehorn more use of shoes. Shank can be louboutinpumpssale.com at home, and usually are ready to carry. In addition, the shoes Do not hard, wear shoes with laces should develop the habit of wearing a loose shoelace and then.
* Use shoe prevent the deformation of shoes: shoes to prevent deformation, into the shoe last best. Foot shape, moves, body temperature and moisture, rain and other factors could lead to aliasing of shoes, particularly the sweat or have been to rain, the child must use a fixed shoe-shaped shoe. As temperature and humidity will supra shoes the leather relaxation remaining in the shoes when the body temperature to be set up. * To do immediately after purchase and maintenance: new shoes Bing did not coated with shoe polish, for the protection of new shoes, without wearing before the seams with some castor oil wipe the soles, you can enhance the effect of water. The upper layer of chicken wiping oil, make a hard Gucci Gloss and soft. To maintain the long-term smooth, rubbed over toryburchcenter.com milk is available, you will receive unexpected results. To do and not do the above steps, the speed of aging and shoes great relationship.
* The same pair of shoes to change into Frequency: In general, the longer the day like not wearing shoes. Exchange of different shoes used to prevent aging methods. Each of the men workers should be prepared to work three to four pairs of shoes to wear, which can be designed to match one pair of formal suits, attend weddings or very sunglassesmaker.com occasions, special shoes; or else have to have three pairs of shoes the most basic, which keep a pair of shoes like new and avoid leather, while the remaining two pairs of rotation-type change into mining. This not only shoes to have enough time to rest more durable, but also can avoid the sweat and odor.
* After wet Maintenance: shoes, rain water, the immediately for proper disposal, not to make shoes deformation. First, the white film first with water to wipe clean, excellent water absorption re-use shoe absorb moisture. Shoes tory burch shoes the newspaper or toilet paper, more change, in order to completely drain water. Dried to a certain degree, it should be placed in shoe to prevent deformation. And then placed in well-ventilated place to dry or use hair dryer assisted low-temperature drying way from leather shoes can be, should not use the high temperature may cause upper cracks. Completely dry, then carefully brush shoe polish on the emulsification, the maintenance of law in accordance with the general maintenance. * Save the shoes: the shoes do not wear polish painted storage, leather shoes, leather will dry and fissure, as polish is only suitable for everyday wear shoes rub. Should be in the tory burch flats coated with bio-oil, this can long leather. If the shoes do not wear long, dirt easily attached to the upper, the easiest way is to set up shoe collection with old stockings with, convenient and clean.
* Seasonal maintenance extends the life of shoes: with the season as long as the "maintenance dose" to step up cleansing and moisturizing effect, can often ensure bright as new. Shoe care products, including "Spill", "conservation and restoration emulsion" or "clean portfolio." * Basic maintenance items essential shoes: shoes Week tory burch reva of essential supplies has shoe brush, clean oil, shoe polish, cloth, water spray and other items. Best to use horse hair shoe brush, Bing at least two - the whole big shoes brush, small brush detail. Shoe color should match shoes. Brown shoes with brown shoe polish, black with black shoe polish.

The nature of shoe polishes and clean the oil does not match, the shoes can not change color, so when the new shoes rub, rub should not play a conspicuous place. In the correct order is as follows: ① large shoe brush, brush lightly with the shoes, to see whether the shoes along the protruding part of the Dirt? ②tory burch handbags or joints, etc. ③ Loosen shoelaces, then a small shoe brush clearing dirt from the outside is not easy to see. ④ squeeze a little clean oil on the cloth, painted the shoes, this time, the most important is to remain in the shoe polish on the old completely clean and clear coated. ⑤ Take another piece of cloth (not with the mixed use of clean oil cloth), coated with a little shoe polish, painted the shoes. Shoe polish about the size of the amount you can take the little finger. ⑥ painted tory burch sandals shoes, the polish with a clean soft cloth whole shoes. Details are slack. ⑦ last sprayed water mist. Fog not only makes the shoe waterproof to prevent water invasion, but also the effect is not easily contaminated by dirt. Water fog is dry, and then lasts into their shoes.
Leather is the skin of the animals taken off after the post made of chemically treated and imitation leather (mainly PU. PVC) is made of chemically treated synthetic fabrics; the difference is not the same as raw materials, but treatment of posterior Due to similar effects caused by the surface is very close and difficult to distinguish, but there are many inherent properties are very different. Dermal silvertiffanycojewelry.com , tear strength and other physical and resistance to aging and feel, etc., there are still some gaps leather (but the gap narrowed in a step by step.) Leather is expensive in its natural, inherent physical properties and difficult to get raw materials, and leather to its price, the surface of a side effect of the change and the special properties and have the market. Pay attention to the intrinsic properties in some industries such as footwear, garments, leather than the leather has advantages: intrinsic online-coachoutlet.com
of some less demanding industries such as handbags, furniture, sofa, leather market is relatively large, I am using However, imitation leather shoes leather shoes brand after the practice of playing with disapproval, so that not comfortable, airtight, and second, poor physical properties, easily broken.

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Notes on shoes
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