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 Maintenance of shoes

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PostSubject: Maintenance of shoes    Fri Feb 25, 2011 4:25 am

⑴ leather: leather surfaces are smooth leather and leather both negative. Good quality smooth leather, grain thickness uniformity, smooth flat fine, no wrinkles and scars shoes; brightness, uniform color, bright color, bright, no light and shade, and the phenomenon of different shades. Press the leather with your fingers, uniform and bagsyard.com wrinkles, open your fingers, the fine lines disappear immediately; feels soft lubricating, resilient, not rigid, and even moderate thickness of leather. The opposite of good quality shoes, the surface fluff soft, uniform, and color, no crude oil spot long fiber and stains, no wrinkles and scars, smooth touch and feel the same shoes.
⑵ shoes: shoes with leather bottom and gill two categories. Good quality leather soles, the surface bright and smooth, uniform color, no oil spots, blemishes and scars, uniform thickness; playing with your fingers, the sound crisp, Shum louboutinpumpssale.com solid. The sole full flexibility, tensile strength, wears resistance. Good quality gum
Sole, smooth surface consistent, neat pattern, each pattern should be sharp corners intact. Viewed from the side, cut even fine without impurities, particle size of organization, the phenomenon of non-uniform thickness; touch, should have a good sense of toughness onlinesuprashoessale.com Flexibility. If the adhesive leather shoes help to check the end is tight adhesion formation, can not have gaps, leaving plastic phenomenon. ⑶ permeability: synthetic leather shoes in the worst air permeability.

General natural leather shoes with good ventilation, particularly in pig leather for the best, because pig skin pores and rough times than leather pores, the pores are much larger eyes, sweat easily discharged. But the leather as leather appearance. ⑷ size: the principle of selection of comfort shoes. Generally speaking, the width toryburchcenter.com the foot can be fully expanded by the force for good; the length of the toe clip is not no top, walking foot is not sliding shoes as well. In addition, buying channel to also pay attention to shoes. Feet in the afternoon due to a slight swelling of the right size shoes purchased at this time; if a newguccioutlet.com of shoes in the morning, you should stay out of spare capacity, will not wear a long time the feet.

⑸ appearance: In addition to pick your favorite style, the need to pay attention to whether the uniform code suture needles, two shoes are completely symmetrical. And then sunglassesmaker.com his toes, flat on the counter to see at the forefoot sole of contact with the counter is the center of the forefoot. Any deviation in the feet prone to wear cornering, resulting in shoes deformation. High heels are not easy to match the natural bend when the foot relaxed best.
Edit this paragraph and maintenance of knowledge
Wear leather shoes or leather shoes is good or bad quality and maintenance. If the quality is good and maintenance is also good, the economy can achieve both tory burch shoes. In fact, the maintenance of leather shoes should be bought to start and run through the whole process of using leather shoes, following a brief knowledge about the maintenance of leather shoes.
⑴ shoes not used: the first shoe leather oil, should wear new shoes before. Stained with dirt in tory burch flats every case, be able to maintain good color and light shoes. Later in the process of wear, every two to three days need to shoe the oil once.
⑵ general methods used in shoe polish: 1, remove the mud and dirt on the soles and laces with a brush between the seam and carefully brush off the dust. 2, with slightly damp soft cloth upper dirt, shoe polish, etc. wipe off painted (white, colored, Shoes) 3, in the amount of tory burch reva leather surface coated with shoe polish, shoe polish with a soft cloth coated with uniform, should be Selection and shoes the same color or slightly lighter shoe polish. For the shoes light and good water resistance, can be coated with a thin layer of oil-based polish. 4, brush with a brush to play, so that nutrients penetrate into the leather shoe polish, the final polish with a soft cloth, but also ensure the shoes will not stain your pants.
⑶ leather shoes maintenance note the following points: 1, every pair of shoes worn straight tory burch handbags not too long, do not wear shoes into the sunny place should be dry. Avoid skin immersed in water, if immersed in water level over there Yinchuan, and the extension of the leather and the Resistance to strong resistance, wear a hard when the hair, shoes easy to deform. 2, wearing shoes can not cross with others; otherwise there will be significant deformation, because a person's foot is different, dress shoes, after a certain time in line with the foot. 3, shoe polish tory burch sandals you use moisturizing collection of leather, shoes, paper and desiccant cavity into the stereotypes put in ventilation, air temperature, keep in the 18 ~ 20 ℃.
Maintenance Instructions 1 ⑷ shoes, leather shoes, found the Pan-cream, gauze, or cotton can stick a small amount of warm water, wipe the upper white cream, well-silvertiffanycojewelry.com place to dry, then rub a small amount of shoe polish on the save. 2, the shoes should tiffany
soft cloth or soft brush to gently clean the cleaning, maintenance with a special shoe polish, shoe polish and leather to prevent the reaction, causing discoloration or damage to the cortex.

3 Do not scrub shoe leather surface oil, water brush, and application-specific cleaning agents, along the online-coachoutlet.com of brush lightly with the brush or use special rubber shoes powder cleaning. 4, the oil grain leather is the result of the oil soaked, dry cloth when maintenance or special products for upper clean. 5, the banana peel decontamination method: Take a few banana skins; use it to smear the oil on leather shoes, leather cleaner can clean, because the banana peel timberlandbootsshow.com ingredients tannins, tannin can get rid of oil.
Shoes of the Road Maintenance

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Maintenance of shoes
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