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 Eastern Railway: History Years out string necklace

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PostSubject: Eastern Railway: History Years out string necklace    Tue Feb 22, 2011 2:17 am

Eastern Railway is a unique 20th century reflects the integrity of early industrialization, modernization of physical example of the process, the integrity of its railway heritage, and systematic, highly representative in the country, unique. Throughout the 20th century of the existing railway heritage, across the four sunglassesmaker.com into a whole series of lines to maintain the authenticity and integrity of the cultural heritage, has been very rare
Eastern Railway, the Russian in the 19th century early 20th century in northeast China built by a "D" word-wide-gauge railway, also known as the East Qing Railway, China Railway Eastern Province. The route west of Manchuria, by Harbin in the east Stiffened; extension from the south from Harbin, the Changchun, Shenyang, direct access to Port Arthur, length of 2489 km. Foreign repair the cheap oakley sunglasses Land in China China's modern history, China's northeast has been the focal point of the interests of Western powers. It is this section of the railway history of the Middle East's fixed.
April 17, 1895, the Qing government and Japan signed the "Treaty of Shimonoseki." The treaty forced China to cede to the provisions of China's Liaodong Peninsula in northeast China has long intended to occupy very dissatisfied with the Tsarist Russia, then France and Germany combined, through the so-ray ban sunglasses "Three Liao Interference", forcing the Japanese side in charge of China's large number of "ransom" After giving up the occupation of the Liaodong Peninsula. Immediately, Russia proposed to the Qing government to its territory continued extension of the Siberian railway - through China's northeast and then to Vladivostok. June 3, 1896, Li signed on behalf of China, "Russian Secret Treaty", which allows Russia in China's Heilongjiang and Jilin provinces of the rail, one must be able to reach Vladivostok.
Thus, the early 20th century, China's northeast region has a special force - to protect the Chinese Eastern Railway in the name of Russian Northeast China sent to a resident force - Chanel sunglasses sale East Army. The end of 1898, retaining the number reached 5,000 Army, 5,000 in Russia that the armed, in order to protect road name, entrenched in Heilongjiang and Jilin.
Russia built during the Eastern Railway, to a length of 1904: From West to East, Manchuria - Harbin - Stiffened line, 950 miles; from north to south, Harbin - Dalian Bay - Port Arthur line, 646 miles, and a total of 1596 miles. With the ongoing Russo-cheap gucci sunglasses War, Japan was the Changchun to Dalian in the South Manchurian Railway length of 500 miles or more. In 1906, the Japanese government established the South Manchurian Railway Co., Ltd., South Manchuria Railway in the concession area has troops stationed along the right of control. Press the "Treaty of Portsmouth" provides for the guardian of the South Manchurian Railway, can garrison 15 people per square kilometer (a total of 14,419 tiffany jewelry ), the Japanese side to its troops as "the Kwantung Army." This is also the foundation of the Japanese invasion of China's strategic location.
Before 1924, the Middle East does not belong to China Railway, despite its repair in the land of China. This revision in the foreign land of China Railway, indeed, is the pain. In 1924, Sino-Soviet Eastern Railway joint operation between the two countries. In 1933, Changchun, Manchuria to the northern section of Eastern Railway was renamed the "North Manchuria Railway." In 1935, the Soviet tiffany engagement rings to sell the North Manchurian Railway Manchukuo. August 1945, according to the agreement, the North Manchurian Railway South Manchurian Railway merged, renamed the Chinese Changchun Railway, and referred to in the long railway, jointly owned by the Soviet Union and co-operation. December 1952, the Soviet Union this railway over to China.
Every inch of the railway embankment on the Middle East, all soaked with humiliation, but also full of the indomitable fighting spirit. The pearls are scattered next to the tiffany necklace Eastern Railway has for Russia, Japan, the former Soviet occupation, management and use of all of 1952 reverted to my Government. As a witness of modern Chinese history of humiliation, it also left us with a lot of material wealth.
Plenty of history, creating a variety of cultural heritage along the Chinese Eastern Railway, a large number of realities. During each period of railway construction, but also the construction of a large number of public buildings and residential tiffany charm bracelet , including the stations of the homes, work area, machine garage, churches, clubs, hospitals, schools, barracks and a large number of residential building and a railway, only 1901 to built in 1927 close to 800 types of building. The construction according to the station and function of different levels of design and construction, distribution along the Heilongjiang, Inner Mongolia, Jilin, Liaoning provinces tiffany co earrings Autonomous regions, most of the territory in Heilongjiang.
In particular, as an extension of Eastern Railway, the subsidiary real estate construction came into being, creating a unique Eastern Railway, "Railway Housing." Nearly 2,500 km of railway line, now there are hundreds of buildings surviving newguccioutlet Style with rich exotic old buildings, like the pearl inlaid on both sides of the railway line. These are the Western system of modern architecture "old house", laid the basic style Eastern Railway construction, but also in the Middle East pearls scattered along the railway line.
Now, in addition to outside Harbin, western line Anagogic, Fuller, Nada, eastern line Hangdog River sub, side slope, Mulling, Stiffened other station areas have their Gucci bags sale http://www.newguccioutlet.com/gucci-bags-c-66.html Seat dozens to hundreds of historic buildings is still Eastern Railway deposit, constitute the complete history of a district seat. Passage of time, the dust of the old historic buildings has suffered, still clinging to show people the irresistible cultural content and artistic beauty. These buildings not only an important historical and cultural value, but also has a unique architectural value, according to experts, the year Russia colonists to achieve the "Yellow Russia" in the long-term colonial expansion plans, historic buildings along the railway line on the gucci shoes East is very well designed, Many of the construction is very beautiful, can not be found in Russia.
Behind the internationalization of the node
Eastern Railway, because of its unique position and are more and more attention. Now, as an international channel, which as attached to the core region of Northeast Asia and international political and economic arena highlight international nodes and it is not the most eastern city of Vladivostok in Russia, but in a tunnel in China - Stiffened 3 hole. This is the only railway tunnel guarded by the Army.
Stiffened is located in southeast Heilongjiang Province, the East and the Russian Far East, bordering the most developed of the Primo sky Territory, away from the border of a 4.5 km deep in the mountains, is a special piece of rail tunnel - cheap gucci sunglasses On the 3rd hole. World-famous Eastern Railway, which pass through Russian territory. Hole is not straight, 50 meters into a slow turn around 10 degrees, so can not see each other at both ends of the tunnel. Tunnel is not so wide, there is a wall on the ground and large rocks appear intrusive inward, making a sudden narrowing of the tunnel.
East through the tunnel, walk 500 meters, is the Sino-Russian border line. Boundary marker on the vertical slope of a hill. Here, from the previous observation tower to see the Russian side about 150 meters. Up the hill, facing a strip of a width of gucci belt meters open area, from north to south over the mountains all the way to shop. This is the boundary line between China and Russia. On the 3rd hole length 297 meters, was built in 1899, 1902, opened to traffic. Stiffened after the fall of 1933, the Japanese had used scrap locomotives, large rocks blocked the tunnel. August 9, 1945, the tunnel is open capacity.
After the reforms, with the continuous development of Sino-Russian trade into Russia, China, Russia, China's exports of wood and a lot of goods, all through this "choke points" delivery. On the 3rd hole unique is that its tracks - this railway through the tunnel, is the only dual-channel set of riding the rails - four sets of track width row. Four shiny rails extending from the inside out, composed of four extremely rare single-gauge railway, until the Stiffened train station, where the end is a four-track railway.
It turned out that the late 19th century early 20th century, in northeast China, tsarist Russia, China, Japan and the emerging competition for rights of way is particularly intense. In order to best meet the needs of the interests of aggression, Russia in gucci mens wallet Construction of the railway from the self-starting, not with the international standard gauge. Instead of using its domestic broad gauge standard gauge 1524 mm, after completion of the railway line with Russia even as one country, but other rail lines in China to use 1435 mm gauge can not be universal. Thus, despite the international channel, but on the Eastern Railway rail transport between China and Russia is still "riding my motorcycle is not on your land," to reach the other side after the railway locomotive, rolling stock must be replaced each other.
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Eastern Railway: History Years out string necklace
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