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 Six "haze" the jade bracelet

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PostSubject: Six "haze" the jade bracelet    Tue Feb 22, 2011 2:16 am

Human knowledge in general, the jade bracelets are green, in fact, this is not right. In fact, jade and purple hand-gong, the red, according to jade it can be divided into six categories: Gods bracelet, Violet bracelets, jade bracelets gold species, covered with sunglassesmaker.com bracelets, green jade bracelet white flowers kinds of jade green bracelet. The six jade bracelets "haze" to meet the different preferences of different President will have more beautiful women dress well.
The so-called Gods bracelets, referring to the most Gee Chen bracelet has red, green, purple and three colors. This is rarer in three colors. Chinese often these three colors as a "health, sir, get rich," the sign, so very fond of, especially when the proper distribution of three colors (three colors, each 1 / 3, or green accounting for more, and if Green, 3 / 5, red and purple each 1 / 5), is sought. Of Oakley sunglasses
, depends on the depth of three colors and fresh positive degrees. Such as red, green, purple tri-color distribution of the appropriate color is fresh and positive, with species of good, quality good can be said to be priceless jade bracelet, be difficult to find in nature.
Violet bracelet the color can be purple with pink (light purple), but also bluish purple (violet), in between the purple, eggplant purple with gray known. Purple Jade, on the whole of its light color are relatively short, mostly species of beans, purple beans the most.
Purple bracelets, colors are generally relatively light, the color distribution is very uneven, kind of relatively dry, the quality bean relatively thick purple bracelet. As long as the species of blue-purple or pink and purple bracelet is slightly better, their ray ban 3025 Have to be on the Yuan, while the bright blue-violet color is slightly dark, purple bracelet, even if the color is uneven, as long as the kinds of good (the ice species); its price will rise to 10 million by.
Types of gold species of jade bracelets jade bracelets gold that is parallel to filamentous distribution of the green bracelet. Its value can be read two ways, on the one hand to see the "silk", "article" is a wide or narrow, and its density is large or small, of course, also take chanel sunglasses account the color is bright; the other hand look at its bottom is clean , species are transparent, quality is fine.
Full of red over red jade bracelets jade bracelets are very rare. However, whether it is 1 / 3 of the red or 2 / 3 of the red, as long as appears bright red, while the species mens gucci sunglasses Thoroughly, and then its value will be high quality, but even this is rare jade bracelets.
Species of white jade bracelets white blue green kingfishers, to end with a white, bright green spots for the feature. Jade can be made bigger because the original stone, it is usually used to make bracelets. However, the white youth of the species are generally silvertiffanycojewelry Very transparent, relatively dry, and color change is high, species with a white jade green bracelet, the price difference is relatively large.
Cyanine kinds of jade bracelets jade are the most common species. Where the color is uneven, can be divided into green and the background of the draw can be called tiffany rings species. Evaluation of this bracelet is from the color, the bottom two fronts.
From this, a variety of jade bracelets, different people have different preferences, as long as you like, wear comfortable, fine processing, and can afford the price, buy tiffany co necklace Day one day earlier experience to bring you the joy of Jade and satisfaction. Hue Yu

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Six "haze" the jade bracelet
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