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 Special contact lens correction of myopia dream

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PostSubject: Special contact lens correction of myopia dream    Tue Feb 22, 2011 2:14 am

in 1887, German scientist Adolf Eugene Flick successfully produced the world's first contact lenses. But because of its low rate of oxygen, easily lead to dermatitis and other eye diseases.
In 2006, the U.S. announced a research Mai Dirge: corneal shaping technology and this is a new type of contact lenses, no surgery, no surgery or sleep like myopia. sunglasses maker combination of technology, there is no doubt caused shock around the world: God is the treatment of myopia can sleep at night, the children sleep at night stealth treatment, the health of the cornea to shape all night long during the day to remove the child do not wear anything during the day, you can follow everything, corneal molding composite technology in the invisible God, odd in the correction. Georgetown University. Illinois Institute of Technology commented: The United States invented Mai Dirge combination of technology, really is a safe, cheap Oakley sunglass
, fast, simple and effective method of treatment of myopia, the use of combined technologies 3 month average myopia decreased by 300 degrees.
At present, corneal molding technology in the West has been able to safely and effectively applied in China can be. Today, the technology has allowed millions of students around the world shook off myopia, is today an ideal method of treatment of myopia. Mai Dirge United States to China 10 million children pick ray ban sunglasses Mai Dirge United States has seven in the world advanced technology laboratory, employing more than 170 researchers, more than 150 daily trials of combination techniques in the shaping of the cornea, improvement and quality management. Combination of corneal shaping technology to ensure quality and excellent efficacy. The combination of technology, technology Chanel sunglasses sale Auction to prevent myopia with organizations around the world to establish contacts, so that more children benefit from myopia.
It is reported that in 2008, Jinan, China, the company of a who's who won the bid to 100 million 60 million portfolio of corneal shaping ownership of technology in China. First, the combination of corneal shaping technology in China and gucci sunglasses Kong, Macao and Taiwan Areas landing, because of its magical effect of the treatment of myopia, once again caused a tremendous sensation, once again the message came in 2009, about 100,000 children have myopia Mai Dirge by the United States remove a combination of technology myopia. 24-hour track - really effective Britain's most famous "reality show" program for 100 girls want to remove glasses, myopia dreams, 24-hour camera mens prada sunglasses In the next 3 months, is incredible: 89% of all vision correction to 0.8 girls more than 11% of girls between the treatments to 0.6 to 0.8.
Volkswagen crazy - sleeping really can cure myopia
the first combination with the United States Mai Dirge treatment of myopia of people: "My God ... ..." "The Incredible ... ..." "... incredible ..." "miracle did happen ... ..." Odd! 500 degrees Treatment of myopia to sleep! RAISED, 12 years old, New York "I had more than 500 degrees of myopia, my tiffany jewelry
has made me change my glasses, it has not found a good treatment, more and more of my spectacles, and then head more and more pain, since my mother gave me to use the United States Madison lattice corneal shaping technology, and evening wear, sleep wear, take off your morning, when the school day with myopia can not, and
Is the sight, now I have 3 months doing not wear glasses!
God! A week
back to 1.0!
Jun Ming Thailand and France, 8-year-old, Chicago, Japanese 325 degrees of myopia the left eye, right eye and 475 degrees of myopia, sitting in the second row can not see the blackboard classroom, performance is getting worse, with the "combination of American technical Mai Dirge " vision to rise to 1.0 after tiffany necklace month, two 1.2 months later, the children take off glasses, happy to tell my mother: I can see the blackboard!
Dear Parents: Hello, according to the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Health survey of students in 2008, the incidence of myopia up to second in the world, which the myopia rate in 35% of primary school students, high myopia rate of 70%. Decline in visual acuity directly affect children's academic performance and tiffany charm bracelet Education, employment, and their physiological and psychological causes a high degree of prejudice!
Many parents of the children's myopia, myopia treatment instrument and tried to massage and other means, but always start was okay, no effect over time, and spent a lot of wasted money, have the child accompanied by myopia However, when reading and writing myopia will increase the burden with the eyes of tiffany earrings each year will be to enhance the rate of about 75 degrees, it is not suitable for students with myopia! The current internationally accepted method of treatment of myopia, there are two, one is laser surgery, but only for adults, and long-term effect is not very clear, the other is therapy, the method adopted by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the China Food and Drug Administration (SFDA) of the certification, and has been incorporated into the "juvenile myopia and countermeasures," the material in the book, Principles of lens is for the treatment of Causes of myopia (corneal curvature increases) the use of special materials, according to eye new Gucci outlet
www.newguccioutlet.com/ parameters in patients with specially designed glasses, corneal correction continued softly, to the purpose of correcting myopia, evening wear, day wear frame mirror does not need to restore normal vision, it is different from surgery: non-surgical, painless, non-invasive!
Jinan School, Buying Secondary School and other schools of thousands of students have been in the United States International Optometry Centre Mai Dirge shook off the success of myopia. To implement the line of the Chinese public school health promotion project, the Center held special free trial "remove myopia" campaign, welcomed gucci bags Students to experience, try them! Parents, Do not Let the child's life myopia delay who? Destroy the child's life
Age of correct treatment of myopia start smaller, the effect is better. Studies have shown that treatment of myopia before the age of 8, almost completely normal access to gucci shoes Rapid growth of the eye, no difference in final visual acuity and normal a few. But can be done in the 8 to 10 years of age to begin treatment very few patients, the majority of patients after puberty because of school, assign work, to join the army, marriage and other setbacks required only to treatment, when treatment, although effective, but far from the therapeutic effect of a child. Many parents do not know, the younger the child, treatment sooner, the better.
Sorry! Real mother is ignorance destroyed for life
Three years ago, 17-year-old who lives in Beijing, millet, fast college entrance examination, but always do not read books, watch TV from getting closer, but also always said that the teacher write on the blackboard is not clear, the mother that the millet in finding fault avoidance learning ! In a school examination, the cheap gucci sunglasses was found to only 0.3 visions! When the teacher said, must give millet with myopia, and her mother realized that wronged child! However, due to deep understanding of myopia, with the increase in the amount of homework their children, in addition to occasionally remind the child to read the distance, but does not do therapy, however, the myopia of millet this year has raised to 800 °! For glasses in the millet again, crying on the mother said: "The teacher said, I can not in this life when the Interpol it! Mother you do not care about me to know that I wear glasses, do not rule me, I hate you!! "Millet her heart is broken ... ...
Hi! Technology to save the magic eye "In 2009, U.S. net imports of the magic combination of technical Mai Dirge to China, and the crazy lift China's second revolution in the treatment of myopia, many of the children through the United States Mai gucci belt myopic technology, and myopia are completely healed are admitted to the ideal of the school ... ... "
Millet mother saw this news, both happy and doubt, try holding the attitude to the United States Mai Dirge Optometry Center, Center for professional and enthusiastic staff, tried on the spot millet Mai Dirge combination of the U.S. technology, an hour later, the degree actually fell millet eyes 200 degrees, "It's amazing," Millet said her mother.”Incredible" millet exclaimed. Millet continued use of the United States at Mai Dirge technology, and sleeping for the treatment of myopia in the morning really picked glasses, the United States Mai Dirge Optometry Centre staff told me: be wearing 3 months, I can return to gucci wallet outlet vision to be able to apply Interpol, and I was really too happy, the United States Mai Dirge really fulfilled my dream of it! Reporter / Liu
Mai Dirge combination of technologies: three magic
We assure you: You wear each set of lens are imported from America
First: sleep therapy, unknowingly For juvenile myopia, regardless of any treatment will delay the child's life and learning, and lens, sleep therapy, the treatment of myopia unconsciously, no pain, do not delay the child to live and study. Second: on the spot effective, a few days pick Mirror Try them for free on the spot, the spot effect. American Journal of Clinical Show: lens wear, evening wear treatment, in a few days to stay away from myopia. Third: The tiffany engagement rings of differentiation to prevent rebound lens protection with the use of an intelligent treatment of the Mai Dirge glasses, maintenance treatment is effective to prevent students due to corneal curvature during growth and axial elongation, to prevent eye fatigue and mental fatigue caused by, to ensure efficacy, to improve learning efficiency and prevent the occurrence of secondary myopia.

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Special contact lens correction of myopia dream
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