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 Describes the history of necklace

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PostSubject: Describes the history of necklace    Tue Feb 22, 2011 2:13 am

Today, online shopping mall dedicated to introduce the next special items, in the long river of human history, has its shadow can not kill, necklace, one has only the royal and sunglasses maker only with possessions and became today's flow of goods.
Then, we begin our journey into the introduction!
Since ancient times people in order to beautify the human body it, but also beautify the environment, create a variety of different styles, different characteristics, different cheap Oakley sunglasses Of necklace, to meet the different colors, the same ethnic groups and different aesthetic needs have people. Here, both from the material and style to introduce the ray ban wayfarer sunglasses necklace. To material terms, jewelry necklaces on the market have gold, silver, jewelry and so are several.
Among them, the fineness of gold necklaces are pure gold, 18K, 14K three; 92.5% silver fineness of silver and silver plated with two; for necklace jewelry with diamonds, rubies, sapphires, emeralds, jade, natural pearls high polar materials, and agate, coral, jade, ivory, cultured pearls, etc., the low-level materials. Silver necklace Chanel sunglasses necklace decorative effect than the more strongly. Color change is also more abundant, especially by young love.
Fashion necklaces and fashion world, most with very valuable materials. If covered with gold necklaces, plastic, leather, glass, rope, wood, low-fusion necklace mens gucci sunglasses of gold, etc., mainly in order to match fashion, emphasize the new, strange, beauty and popularity.
However, the necklace, the price is expensive, not all people can consume, so the market to cater to consumer psychology of some people to create some very similar, but cheaper prices of goods in particular, to meet the needs of some people, high imitation gold necklace, is a, we store the introduction of a necklace, it is prada sunglasses price, fine workmanship, high imitation goods which can be called, inexpensive of the digression of the
U.S. researchers said on March 31, they found in Peru 4,000 years of history, a gold necklace, which is by far the oldest in the Americas found gold products.
University of Arizona anthropologist Mark. Alden and colleagues in the Devils Lake Titicaca, a silvertiffanycojewelry Village near the tomb was found in this gold necklace. Hunters and gatherers 3300 years BC to 1500 BC, settled there.
The radioactive carbon testing, this necklace made around 2100 BC. Gold necklace from a local, first hammer a tie, then roll into a string of beads on wool rope.
Alden told Reuters in a telephone interview Devils, said he and his colleagues had discovered in 2004 that necklace, but for some reason until now made public. He said: "One is, we want to wait for results of chemical analysis; the other is, we fear tiffany rings the locals or other people to know where to go to snatch the gold." But now the fear is no longer necessary, because it was discovered to have been going through a thorough plowing of local residents.
Alden Devils, said the researchers found that contrary to expectations, because the necklace is made in the era of era of local people is still in the early stages of farming, "Most people think that gold and gold products should be dependent on the tiffany co necklace Colony settled agriculture products, or to appear more complex society. "
Alden Devils believe that this reflects the gold necklace in human society from nomadic to settled the evolution process, all the nomadic era of social rules are changed, and tiffany bracelet people became more important than others and influential force.
Plenty of history, creating a variety of cultural heritage along the Chinese Eastern Railway, a large number of realities. During each period of railway construction, but also the construction of a large number of public buildings and residential buildings, including the stations of the homes, work area, machine garage, churches, clubs, hospitals, schools, barracks and a large number of residential tiffany earrings http://www.silvertiffanycojewelry.com/tiffany-earrings-c-75.html
And a railway, only 1901 to built in 1927 close to 800 types of building. The construction according to the station and function of different levels of design and construction, distribution along the Heilongjiang, Inner Mongolia, Jilin, Liaoning provinces and autonomous regions, most of the territory in Heilongjiang.
In particular, as an extension of Eastern Railway, the subsidiary real estate construction came into being, creating a unique Eastern Railway, "Railway Housing." Nearly 2,500 km of railway line, now there are hundreds of buildings surviving architectural newguccioutlet.com with rich exotic old buildings, like the pearl inlaid on both sides of the railway line. These are the Western system of modern architecture "old house", laid the basic style Eastern Railway construction, but also in the Middle East pearls scattered along the railway line.
Now, in addition to outside Harbin, western line Anagogic, Fuller, Nada, eastern line gucci bags sale River sub, side slope, Mulling, Stiffened other station areas have their own seat dozens to hundreds of historic buildings is still Eastern Railway deposit; constitute the complete history of a district seat.
Passage of time, the dust of the old historic buildings have suffered, still clinging to show gucci shoes the irresistible cultural content and artistic beauty. These buildings not only an important historical and cultural value, but also has a unique architectural value, according to experts, the year Russia colonists to achieve the "Yellow Russia" in the long-term colonial expansion plans, historic buildings along the railway gucci sunglasses online on the Middle East, the design is very carefully, Many of the construction is very beautiful, can not be found in Russia.

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Describes the history of necklace
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