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 The origins of bracelets

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PostSubject: The origins of bracelets    Tue Feb 22, 2011 2:12 am

Bracelets, also known as "Chuan", "bracelet", "armbands", etc., is a ring worn on the wrist ornament. The material in addition to gold, silver, jade addition, there are those made with plant vines. Bracelets a long time, originated in matriarchal society to a patriarchal society the transition period. According to sunglassesmaker Records, both men and women wore in ancient bracelet, a symbol of married women as for men as a symbol of status or the nature of work. In addition, in the ancient society, people also believed that wearing a bracelet to ward off evil or run into good luck.

Device in the old era of the late, the fact that human beings wearing ornaments unearthed from physical to be confirmed by many Chinese and foreign. Polyandry in the Venus unearthed Veblen nude in sculpture in the round, with its fullness in Oakley sunglasses chest, hips disproportionately small wrist, a bracelet engraved with a class of decorations. In the bone carving unearthed portrait, also a similar bracelet engraved decorations. Unearthed in kind in Tianjin, useful mammoth tooth wearing decorative patterns carved beautiful bracelet.

In the Riviera coast Grimalkin kind unearthed in addition to bracelets made of fish vertebrae, there are shells, oyster shells, and animal teeth, such as the production of the bracelets. Neolithic bracelet already has a decoration, not only the smooth ray ban wayfarer sunglasses surface, but some still bracelet engraved with the surface of some simple patterns. In about six thousand years ago the ruins of Banjo, and Queue in Shandong Neolithic site in Western Xia Hour, archaeologists have found pottery rings, bracelets and other ancient ancestors used stone decorative wrist bracelet ring. Bracelet unearthed in kind from the point of view, there are animal bones, teeth, and stone, pottery and so on. Bracelet has a round tubular shape, circle, there cheap Chanel sunglasses two semi-circular ring into two put together.
Neolithic bracelet already has a decoration, not only the smooth polished surface, but some still bracelet engraved with the surface of some simple patterns. Business week to the Warring States period, multi-material jade bracelets. Or the jade Gucci sunglasses
Shape, whether the color, are extraordinarily rich. In addition to jade outside this period also appeared the metal bracelet.
After the Western Han Dynasty, due to the impact of Western culture and customs, wearing armbands in vogue, the style of a lot of armbands, a free expansion type, and such armbands can adjust the thickness of the arm ring size. Sheen Kuok in the Song, "mens prada sunglasses Xi Bi Tan" wrote: "Jingling Tang Dynasty tomb that may Yuba of, power Moue spirits." Another called "escape" the armbands, such as spring-like, plate rope into the ring, at least three times, a dozen laps, ends woven with gold and silver rings sets, used to adjust the tightness. This "escape" type armbands can be worn on the arm, the Department can also be worn on the wrist.

Tang to Song, Women bracelet decorated with arms has become commonplace, known to be armlet. Early artist Yan Lien’s "Step Revealed map" fat week's "silver tiffany jewelry Ladies", are a clear picture of a woman wearing armlet image. This is not just limited to the court and aristocracy, the civilian population is also very enthusiastic. According to historical records, Cui Gauguin Chapter Duane crusade soldier, soldiers looting everywhere, to see women, cut off the arm and took the armlet. It is obvious that the woman was not wearing armlet minority. Tang and Song, bracelets materials and production process with a high degree of development, there are gold and silver bracelets; jade bracelets inlaid and gilded treasure bracelets and more. Form a ring type, beaded type, twisted tiffany engagement rings
Type, queue type, bamboo type. And even the Republic of China to the Ming and Qing Dynasties, precious stone gold bracelet as powerful as ever. Modeling styles in jewelry, craft making great progress on both.

Although considered as a bracelet arm ornaments, the earliest initiation of the people a vague sense of beauty, but there are many scientists believe that there is not entirely original bracelet is from the beauty, but with totem worship, witchcraft tiffany necklace related. There are also historians believe that, as men in economic life, an absolute dominance, making rings, bracelets and other accessories with a metaphorical leash on women, not to escape the barbarians of their customs. This metaphor for a long period of time there has always been.

And earrings, necklaces, rings as bracelets as a jewelry, had been supporting as a clothing tiffany bracelet
To dress up as a work of art as a personal style, a dress-loving means being accepted by more and more people and use. Bracelet to wear, the aesthetic function is often the first.
Tips to wear bracelets
now, bracelets, male and female still two points. Male identity bracelet is accompanied by the gradual emergence of popular, but the men wearing the tiffany co earrings in our country still relatively small. Usually silver, and later as the popularity of gold jewelry, so that K gold bracelet also came into being.
Various types of bracelets designed and compiled tiny flowers, silk silver bracelets Code is very delicate for women to wear the wrist, while the wrist full of women, should choose a wide silver bracelet surface and Tibetan jewelry style bracelet or diameter larger, thicker surface jade bracelet, agate bracelet will bring out the beauty of women or the abundance of soft beauty.
Is also quite particular gucci outlet online? Wearing bracelets, is not thinking about how to wear to how to wear, in violation of convention rules will make people laughable.
When wearing a bracelet on the bracelet is not strictly limited the number, you can wear one, you can wear two, three or even more. If you only wear one, and should not be gucci bags sale On the left hand is in the right hand; if you wear two, you can wear one of each right-hand man, or are worn on the left hand; if you wear three, it should have worn on the left hand, not wearing a hand, and the other wearing two. More than three bracelets to wear relatively rare circumstances, even to wear should be worn on the left hand also, to cause a strong sense of imbalance, to create something new, unique purpose. However, this should be noted that this imbalance should gucci shoes with the clothing worn to seek harmony, otherwise they will be putting in the decoration of the United States destroyed the bracelet.
If you wear a bracelet and wear the ring, you should consider the style, material, color coordination and unity. Those on the first wearing bracelets, ID bracelets should also pay attention to selecting the size, too small wrist is close to the skin caused by a sense of discomfort and even affect the blood flow; too easy for big cheap gucci sunglasses In the hand and broke off the course. For the jade bracelet, try Daishi Yi soft mat beneath the wrist (egg, cushion and the like), so as not to fall to the ground and break if dropped.
The type of jade bracelets
Human knowledge in general, the jade bracelets are green, in fact, this is not right. In fact, jade bracelets and purple, red, according to the jade which can be divided into: full green bracelets, bracelets, jade bracelets gold species, violet bracelet, full of red bracelets, green jade bracelet white flowers kinds of jade green bracelet.
Full of green bracelet, referring to the overall color is green bracelet, with no other colors, if the Gucci means belt
Kind of bracelet (glass types or ice species), head is good, color is, then this can be called jade bangle bracelet in of the best, very rare.
God’s bracelets, referring to the most Gee Chen bracelet has red, green, purple three colors. This is a relatively rare three colors, especially the proper distribution of these three colors (three colors that each 1 / 3, or green accounting for more, and such as green, 3 / 5, red and purple each 1 / 5 ), and it is fine to share. Of course, depends on the depth of the three colors and brightness. If the red, green, purple tri-color distribution of appropriate and very bright colors, along with species of good, quality is good, this can be said to be priceless jade bracelet, be difficult to find in nature.
Jade bracelets gold species, refers to the distribution of green filamentous parallel to the bracelet. Its value can be read two ways, on the one hand to see the "silk", "article" is a gucci mens wallet or narrow, and its density is large or small (that is, the share of the total green area), and of course also take into account the color is bright; On the other hand look at its bottom is clean, it kind of transparency, the quality is fine.

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The origins of bracelets
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