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 Million a year the red envelope bag Go yard

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PostSubject: Million a year the red envelope bag Go yard    Tue Feb 22, 2011 2:10 am

See "You Are the One 2 is" just know that last year the red bag called Go yard, destroyed Shoo I movie is this bag, above the three-pointed star pattern is a bit like the same, such as the ancient Chinese "Mountain Man A" as graphics. It is said to be on the sunglassesmaker One gossip of breath buy Faye Wong 3 Go yard St. Louis bag, really rich!
Real and fake Go yard bag
Very few people know the name of Go yard, the French like it kind Hermes (Hermes) and Louis Vinton (Louis Vinton), but it is the world's most exclusive brands. Why?
As a leather goods manufacturer Goya in 1853, earlier than 1 year of Louis Vinton, but Beamish later than 17 years.
Go yard leather goods manufacturing for many French aristocrats, and family according to each family to customize the color of the crown of the Queen's luggage. Go yard Oakley sunglasses world's first claim is that they do.
Go yard trigeminal most famous graphic first appeared in 1892, also known as "herringbone" (chevron), there are four colors, materials, cotton, flax and hemp blend, and gum Arabic coating, making it a kinds of thin, lightweight, and also waterproof material.
The brand was later to oblivion, until around 2000, Barney department store in the window to do a special show for only becoming known. Today, people can pay an extra than 1000 U.S. dollars can have initials on the bags, crown ornaments, or ray ban wayfarer sunglasses the personal and exclusive color stripe bag.
12 shops worldwide go yard bags, including Japan's Takashimaya Department Store (Takashimaya), the United States department store Bergdorf Goodman and Barneys, Hong Kong's Peninsula Hotel (Peninsula), Brazil's Dale boutiques, Paris, France, and Chanel sunglasses San Francisco restaurant the flagship store. If you're seeing in New York, filled with the Go yard bag, then there is no doubt that is fake.
Distinguish between genuine and fake Go yard following are some small tips:
- The real Go yard material is coated with resin coated linen, feeling light, thin. Do not just look at the appearance and weight, but also highlights look a bit like vinyl.
- The real Go yard bags are hand-painted, fabric, there are some very small little raised, as the characteristics of very thin linen, you can feel the hand; and false is printed mens gucci sunglasses Machines, the graphics are copied out of a unit.
- Black leather, its ingredients are black; and other ingredients are white color.
- Leather has been, so I erase the stain easier, more engaging and some.
February 15, according to Wuxi Municipal Public Security Detachment provides clues, Wuxi Municipal Bureau of Quality Supervision Inspection Detachment in conjunction with New Branch of the Public Security Bureau police station prada sunglasses law enforcement officers, once again, the sale of counterfeit network of international brand leather goods shops involved in joint law enforcement inspection. Trade City, Zhejiang Province in the east of Jiangxi in a shop, the scene seized suspected counterfeit LV, GUCCI, CHANEL, HERMES, etc. A total of 364 brand-name tiffany rings
Goods; in which as many as 56 LV handbags, wallets up to 100. Place the new businesses in Jiangxi Road, a shop in Chaining; the scene seized suspected counterfeit LV, GUCCI, CHANEL, etc. A total of 189 brand-name leather goods, involving full range of fake goods, men bags, handbags, tiffany co jewelry
www.silvertiffanycojewelry.com there belt. Involved in the two stores seized a total of 553 fake leather goods, involving the cumulative total value of more than ten million. Currently, the case is processed further investigation

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Million a year the red envelope bag Go yard
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