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 The development of China's bag

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PostSubject: The development of China's bag    Tue Feb 22, 2011 2:04 am

back to the directory from classic to modern, and both become the hearts of the ladies love. Interestingly, packages and clothing decorated with the rise of the evolution of closely linked. Since the eighteenth century, a wave-type dress with a belt she was sunglassesmaker.com Slam’s clothes, ladies will have to find the bag can hold personal items. The first fish mesh pouch momentum into the sky, this beam on the long string pouch easily in your hand, become a veritable "package decoration." For centuries, the trend of fashion accessories like fashion in general, with each passing day, keeps changing. The gradual increase of its status as the Oakley sunglasses dress in an integral part of, such as package decoration. Based on the trend of different cultures, different conditions of the times, on different occasions, women's package decoration has evolved in the form of endless changes.
The early nineteenth century, Europe to open its xxx, large travel bags out of Europe has
A necessity. Large bags conform to the students.
Twentieth century, the rise of cigarettes, the small packets into the ladies attending the communication places an ornament; a small box-style package is heavily decorated and therefore put into the market. In 1929, Hollywood stars heat that kept the foundation, lipstick of popular bags, all kinds of cosmetic bags, such as shells, football, locks, vases and decorative bird cage shaped packages, one chanel sunglasses one to emerge. However, during the Second World War, shortage of materials, including decorative immediately become a luxury, ladies bags have adopted the rough canvas material, has forced designers to design at a series of shopping bags and bike bags.
After the war, in the package decoration industry there are several brands: one is Coco Chanel (cocoa. Summer Nile) gold chain strap bag hanging decoration design became the symbol of taste. LV (Louis. Vinton) of the bucket type of package decoration cheap gucci sunglasses , to carry champagne, to great acclaim. Hermes, Highboy, after adoption by the Princess Grace Kelly, Dayton liters worth ten times, instant fame. Gucci also joined the battle around the natural introduction of the bamboo handle handbag and drop type of package decoration.
The twentieth century, women are to brand-name command, package decoration has become a symbol of identity and powerful. After the middle of people's lives tiffany jewelry filled with computers. The rise of laptops, so wide messenger bag, camera bag has become the darling of young people. Late, including the world more colorful decorated more than mining, the prevalence of minimalist, hot Chinese embroidery, more animal fur applications, such as snakeskin, leopard, crocodile skin, etc., when South Korea played St. hi Comb bloc developed greatly at this time, access to the enthusiastic support of fashionable circles.
Early 20th century, the representative of the bag as fashion jewelry, fashion items become commonplace, then tiffany rings Europe by the "Oriental civilization," the impact of culture, including the decoration has become strange. But in that time, fashion is only the rich "patent." Low income and heavy work to tiffany co necklace the working class women and fashion for him, also decorated with the package missed.
Until the 20's, the mass media increasingly developed, fashion is no longer the privilege of high society, and women in all walks of life have joined the ranks of fashion to catch up. The package is also beginning to show their own decorative features. Beaded tiffany bracelet swaying with the beat of the music sound occurs, and then play the popular jazz song after another beautiful "Concerto."
30 years, Hollywood movies spatial development, their popular fashion has a huge impact. Bag tiffany co earrings with sleek looks and good cabinet, simple materials, simple and elegant.
40 years full of smoke, including decoration design the most emphasis on practicality, and pragmatism are the trend of a more military design influence, destroyed all the rage in the shoulder bag, because it can be used to install gas masks to ration card and other bills, and most practical outfit. Although the smoke swirling in the gucci outlet online Years brought great suffering to the people, but it prompted package decoration and simplification to the civilian population, step forward greatly.
End of the war, the economy's gradual recovery of 50, due to the war year’s imprisonment, after the war the people of sexual desire and competition, women dress gucci bags and charming turn quickly. The package is decorated with food, and without exception to sexy and charming.
During this period, Rock and Pop music is not only a form of revolution, it formed a kind of acceptable for the majority of young people across the region and the culture of the new language. Youthful revolutionary style miniskirts and pants are popular with rock music was born. Mini is also calling for the emergence of new cheap gucci shoes decoration, so all small, with long shoulder strap, concise style shoulder bag to hang up the young man, so that passers-by it really envy.
Rapid economic development in 70, 80, in a sense, package decoration has become a cultural symbol of status and identity. New materials and designs continue to be introduced to break the people "invest to buy a good package" of traditional values. With the late 70s a new concept of romantic and classical revival in fashion, some narrow-strap shoulder bag, fishing packages and other packages with a gucci belt country style decoration in one shoulder, also reflected in the economic tide in the Bay action, people asked the city to avoid congestion and clamor trouble will.
In the 90's the fashion to be monopolized by young avant-garde seems to be synonymous with fashionable, high-top of the table after the order is designed to be a gimmick, without exception, those who are good at playing with avant-garde master handwriting. The "Fashion today is the tomorrow of the past when" the tide changes, people gucci wallet outlet to happen "This world is changing fast," the deep feeling. Package decoration, without exception, by which shares are also rapidly changing the trend of the impact of the wind, showing varied appearance.
The arrival of 2000, retro wave will continue to prevail, beads, bags may be fever. As the new century, women around you if you have thought about the package decorated to a few hundred years later can become a witness of history.
In the twentieth century, mankind has created so many miracles, they are by their wisdom and positive initiative and creativity of mankind has left many valuable assets. Fly wheel still ray ban 3025 the clock running forward, we should firmly believe that hope for tomorrow, on our feet.

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The development of China's bag
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