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 CELINE bag brand history

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PostSubject: CELINE bag brand history    Tue Feb 22, 2011 2:02 am

1946 CELINE by the leather get up the first step of selling shoes, the establishment of its first shop in the macro structure, followed by very practical leather series also be listed. Like delicate hand-sewn harness-like products, stitch CELINE sunglassesmaker.com out for the good word of mouth, surprisingly fine workmanship, at the time widely loved by European high society. 60 years late, CELINE decided to establish a women's sector, small accessories Niamey to clothing, CELINE seems to have become a complete macro structure kingdom. Until 90 years, from the famous New York fashion designer Michael Kars took over as design director of CELINE, to an American style of rushing to streamline fresh French fashion industry, the trend in power at the time gorgeous, the music cheap Oakley sunglasses Into the United States style and practical style, but also will CELINE fashion of the 21st century peak.
With the DIOR, LV and other brands under the LVHM group with CELINE, has been tailor "real" as their motto, simple and refined style of neat details, fusion of elegance and reservations, people can show themselves beautiful, but Free ray ban sunglasses unhindered. Clothing is a rich topic, whether in parts per quarter, leather upholstery, CELINE were three to four topics will be set, complete a series of shows, not just advertised to wear gorgeous and practical implementation, regardless of all items subject line, color, texture are totally match, showing the coordination of the soft gentle feel. CELINE leather with rich texture and size, combined with the completion of clothing to each other, like equestrian Viviane by the introduction of two-wheeled carriage design staff is on accessories such as neckties, Chanel sunglasses sale
And other serious indicators ... drawings, stirrup, ring circles, flowers and other distinctive mark of the consumer is familiar with CELINE can be identified from a focus on brand identity.
90 years since the designer Michael Kars White CELINE, CELINE style of goods, store the image of an increasingly young and trendy, the dream has become a brand all women, jumping to the mainstream fashion, and even gucci sunglasses of the launch of each season merchandise, without exception, all shook sharp-eyed fans elegant fashion. CELINE recent years almost the full goods, Chapter classic pattern that can be found Blazon there, the appearance of classical elegant pattern, inspired by Viviane his wife, his wife in 1971 after Charles de Gaulle Square Viviane see the chain around the Arc de Triumphed, immediately to the French President request agreed to manipulate the pattern, and then Michael Kars Chapter Blazon patterns will be combined with the C LOGO, LOGO to create a new mens prada sunglasses Of unrest, as CELINE fresh vitality into shares of another, more women who have swept the world
these women to save time, use the same on different occasions are only the package, sometimes because it does not match with the dress, it looks inconsistent. Is best prepared several packages, one for work, leisure, and dinner and other?
. To work with the package should be larger, so that essential supplies can be stored more, but style must be generous, consistent with the image to go to work, such as briefcase-style package is the most suitable.
But if that briefcase too tough, you can try both women carrying briefcases and reflect the style of the bag. This benefit is a more reasonable place your objects as much as possible, carrying plastic bags or paper bags than you much tiffany engagement rings to professional. Use back-type bag, women should be back in the right shoulder, as when Ms. habit of walking with the men's counterparts on the right. The use of a briefcase or handbag, because hands and looked confused.
Female candidates to work or face, as when the examiner must not be placed in the bag on the table or hold in his chest, the most appropriate approach is to put your right foot next. For general office workers, it is best not to use a more expensive tiffany necklace than the boss, the young people just entering society with particular attention to this point.
Dressed in civilian clothes, leisure and shopping time by the bag can choose style and lively, brightly colored bag or backpack, which is easy to match the mood and dress. Dinner and other formal occasions, should be used in relatively sophisticated bag, then it will match with the dress is courtesy of the owner, said. Best to when attending the banquet-style hand-rolled or back-type bag, do not hand bags, so as not to take meals in the exchange of business cards or point, causing trouble.
Gold and silver in the bag for use at the dinner, because the light will show its elegance. Men gucci outlet online in suits and ties his girlfriend or wife should not get a good impression while racing to take the bag for her, this is an indecent behavior. Because women's accessories, handbags, how well the back in men's people? To show the thoughtfulness and grace men can help women be raised by heavy items or shopping bags.
Tim ˙ Snow De (Timothy Shifter), company president and owner, claimed to Esporta’s products are re-shaping, for the function of the focus even more on the epidemic. 75 different styles from the smallest and most practical wallet, to the maximum gucci bags of the backpack more than a dozen colors, Gyro sigma and lace, with your walk in the home corner and around the world.
Esporta in 1984 to sell their products to Hong Kong. 1989 exports increased by region in Japan, Singapore, Taiwan and South Korea. The following year, more extended and Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunei and the Philippines. As of today, Esporta bags or in every tight control of local production of the United States to cheap gucci shoes to the Esporta lifestyle, hopes to bring the highest quality and customer satisfaction.
Inspired Chanel wallets
Esporta forms in different designs shown, whether it is lively, chic hippie style or other simple design ideas to make Esporta has been received by the market, good-looking, durable and unique texture to all sectors of Esporta widely welcomed Good Lieu star, Queen of Spain, home fashion, travel, home ... ... and so on. Including the Chicago Jean thought, you are my life's bride gucci sunglasses MacDowell, No Doubt singer Gwen Stefani, the top U.S. fashion magazines ELLE twelve selected designer brands in the world, Esporta is the only one with Those Gucci, FENDI and keep pace with the price but approachable brand.
The main material is the texture of fabric lightweight nylon. He took this to trial produced several colorful cloth bag, and then to the rest of the fabrics made for each of a small extra bag, so that when the bag empty, can be folded into a small bag.
When old Mr. Snow De founded the company in 1974 when, already in advance to see the importance of air travel trends, and washable and durable type of light needs bags to meet the needs of the new generation of travelers. He began to canvas gucci mens belt and sports bag into the production, but soon they learned that the weight of the finished product is unacceptable, so they hit the phone, contact a few manufacturers of industrial fabrics. Read the package in the oil and filter cloth goods, after all, finally found a parachute and fabric used in navigation.
'As we begin the introduction of popular color and design of products, more and more fashion boutiques selling the company's products included in the ranks, as a fashion accessory, especially leisure series. ‘
Esporta Classic series in the United States, Asia and Europe, the United States succeeded in laying the legendary lightweight nylon bag brand position. Series features a lightweight style of American-style, rich use of color and light and convenient tiffany jewelry and patented the use of high-performance fabric. Products include a full range of bags, shopping bags, handbags, shoulder bag, school bags, backpacks, sports bags and a variety of special peripheral products.
'The design concept came from a parachute, it is folded into a small bag for the'. Mr. Snow said the German.
1985 before the products are mainly sold to the United States is still dominated, but with the American Gucci means wallet
And products are loved around the world, export sales showed growth potential, particularly in Asia, more significant.
This seemingly simple idea is the basis for new sports travels packages - the company's operating philosophy is built on the idea above.
'The store will display richly decorated thousand two hundred paragraph so the company products. 'Snow De said.
'The new store will be opened in various sections of the product line to add the colors. '
Esporta simple design, high quality design, high quality materials selection and production techniques, coupled with bright colors, water resistant and commendable style combinations, with shopping, social activities, family gatherings and business travel, depicting of our contemporary life.
1974 New York, a small factory, after detailed design, sewing and proofing, the first golf bag along with the rain tiffany co bracelet resistant nylon cloth, cotton cloth around the sides and marked the birth of LOGO silk graphic. 1975, the company introduced a revolutionary way to market the classic folding nylon bag and the bag and fame.

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CELINE bag brand history
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