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 Big eyes into a "small glasses"

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PostSubject: Big eyes into a "small glasses"    Tue Feb 22, 2011 1:59 am

About You Stanching primary school children in China, to the school, more than half of the students wear glasses, myopia in children younger age each year, making eye health a mom to be of concern.
Guiding: Chen sunglassesmaker Ireland Senior Optometrist Ophthalmology, Advanced Assembly division, a senior trainer, in the eyewear industry, optometry, mirror, training, experience managing more than 10 years.
Related survey shows that about You Stanching primary school children in China, to the school, more than half of the students wear glasses, to the university, as oakley sunglasses as Beaching. Increasingly younger age of myopia prevalence, doctors in Shanghai Eye Disease Prevention Center, said most of the myopia caused by bad life style, but short-sighted young children because of the importance of training too close. - Shanghai Evening News
Shanghai Eye Disease Prevention Center for more than 20 kindergarten children's sampling data show that many children's vision worrying. At present, some large classes ray ban wayfarer sunglasses more than 5% of the children have more than 50 degrees or myopia, in some small children playing the piano is especially prominent. - Evening News
Center for Disease Control and Prevention Wuhu Branch issued a child protection Wuhu municipal kindergartens in 2010 medical summary report of children in the garden. Poor vision 30.1% of children (i.e. below 1.0), with an average cheap Chanel sunglasses 10 children, there are three already or will soon become a "family of glasses." - Online and Angola
During the development of the eye also
1. In fact, the baby is born with a large degree of hyperopic 1000, they have not see gucci sunglasses , only respond to light, to the seven or eight years old will be able to achieve normal vision.
2. In the entire development process, the child's degree by the high hyperopic gradually developed normally. Normal vision for the different age groups: 2 years 0.4 to 0.5; 3 years 0.5 to 0.6; 4 years of age 0.7 to 0.8; 5 years of age from 0.8 to 1.0; 6 years old or above 1.0.
3. If your child is only 2 to 3 years old, but already has mild myopia, then you should pay mens prada sunglasses to, and with age he is likely to become a thousand degrees of large glasses.
4. Myopia has a strong genetic component, one of which is myopic parents, myopia, so the baby was not likely to be myopic than the parents of children 3 to 4 times higher, even if parents are acquired myopia.
Help you test common sense
1. Babies less than 2 years can be an objective observation: Remember check the formulas: January February afraid to move (for fear that sensitive to light, moving with the silvertiffanycojewelry.com activities that turn the eye); April touched to see colored objects; June near objects can seize; August there is to follow the head (where adult fingers, eyes to see where the baby, and gaze fixed); 1-year-old accurately refers to the nostrils; 2-year-old walk away from things. In addition, 4 to 7 months of the baby, if the vision problems crawl and play with toys, action is often slow than other babies the same age; accuracy is low, clumsy;
2. 3 to 5 years old baby can sign, animal image of the eye chart examination. But to be noted tiffany engagement rings the earlier parents know the baby at home, the church vision statement patience, and repeated measurements; otherwise it will affect the accuracy of the results.
3. Experts recommend children over 2 years to once every six months the best routine inspections of the project are: eye position, ocular surface, intraocular pressure, refraction, etc., cost about 70 Yuan.
4. Strabismus can be divided into implicit and explicit. Hidden strabismus can be found tiffany necklace in the hospital, the normal appearance of most of the time, only to surface in some cases, so they should pay attention to hidden strabismus Mommy.
5. Just gave birth to the child because the nose has not yet fully developed, so it looks a little oblique eyes, and you really want to know whether the child is squinting, to hand and hold tiffany charm bracelet Between the eyes, nose, what can be seen the.
Eye Tips
1. Not to panic vision loss was discovered the child with glasses. To the hospital dilated eye exam before they can determine whether the child is pseudo-myopia. If the pseudo-myopia, you can correct vision by means of a professional. Tiffany earrings , if false myopia, wearing a "real glasses", it is difficult to come off.
2. Indirect and overlooking the rest is the best way to protect eyesight. Rest to 10 minutes per hour; as for distance, you must have a reference. No reference to the distance, but will form a high-altitude short-sighted.
3. To the children invent a game to protect eyesight. For example, you play myopia; let the children write to correct your posture.
4. Camera's flash newguccioutlet.com not impact on the child's vision, so young children do not have too taboo camera. However, the fixed suspension hanging over the crib, it is likely to cause the child's squint, so you better make sure over the crib is refreshing.
Mommy loves the eye from the start
for the protection of eyesight, in addition to conventional medical methods, Mummy and gucci bags sale to their own level of education is one of the most important core elements.
1. Do not TV, the convenience of the game, easily the child to them. Animation and game momentarily to let the children do not bother you, but the waste is the most valuable health resources in children. Time spent watching TV; the best control in an hour a day, the game can be avoided.
2. When that child has unusual vision, do not blame the child, the child pulled anxiously to see gucci shoes far away, not clear that a bunch of criticism. This will only make the child more nervous, or even to escape the blame, obviously not clear what has lied seen.
3. Not too early to teach children to read, count and other explicit knowledge. In fact, for the baby, not yet in kindergarten, education is the focus on tacit knowledge, such a good gucci mens wallet , habits, and emotional self-regulation. Literacy and other fees vision of things, such as kindergartens or later, and then taught it.
4. Children learn to play piano is easy to myopia, if your child has training in this area, be sure to pay more attention to your eyes.
5. Do not think that gucci sunglasses online myopia surgery can help you solve all problems, ignoring the child's vision. According to Ireland to provide professional ophthalmology data, 30% of the clinical detection of myopia who undergo surgery does not have regulation. Protection of eyesight, is always much more gucci belt defense than the rule.

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Big eyes into a "small glasses"
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